About Gene Peach

Gene Peach is an advertising, editorial, and fine arts photographer based in Santa Fe, NM. His New Mexico photos are published internationally and his portrait and commercial photography appears regularly in US magazines and books. His photographs have been featured on more than two hundred publication covers.

Gene is available for a wide variety of assignment photography. He specializes in location portraits for magazines, corporate clients, and advertising agencies, plus he photographs individuals and families on location and in his studio. Gene also photographs events, conferences, interior and exterior architecture, real estate, resorts, and many more subjects and styles. He offers a comprehensive stock photo library of Southwestern cultures and landscapes. Gene works in every area of New Mexico and is willing to travel for assignments.

Originally a fine arts painter, Gene turned to photography to connect with people outside the art world. “I think photography second only to music in its ability to communicate to a large audience,” he says, “and I love the way it puts me at the center of the action and inside fascinating cultures.”

His award-winning book, Making a Hand: Growing Up Cowboy in New Mexico, photography by Gene Peach, essay by Max Evans, intro by Elmer Kelton, published by the Museum of New Mexico Press, is available from most book retailers. It can be ordered directly from the publisher at www.mnmpress.org, 800.249.7737. An accompanying exhibit toured museums nation-wide for five years. Gene’s current personal projects include books about elderly Tennessee farmers and Mississippi women of the church.

Gene Peach

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