Portrait of Gene Peach, Photographer

Welcome! I'm an assignment and stock photographer in Santa Fe, NM. I'm available for magazine and advertising assignments and maintain a large and comprehensive stock photo library of New Mexico. I specialize in location portraits, events, tourism, architecture, and landscape photography.

I've been photographing the cultures and landscapes of New Mexico for more than thirty years. My work appears regularly in magazines and books and has been featured on more than three hundred publication covers. I've published four award-winning coffee-table books, to date, and my exhibit "Making a Hand: Ranch Children of New Mexico" toured nationwide to fourteen museums.

I love being at the center of the action, exploring diverse cultures, and creating visual stories. I love chasing light and trusting chance. Originally a fine arts painter, I became a photographer to communicate beyond just the art world. I think photography second only to music in its ability to reach a mass audience.

I'm committed to creating images with spirit, soulfulness, and cultural depth. My goal is to make my subjects shine.

I'm always shooting and always looking for work and new projects. Please contact me: gene@genepeach.com

I'm experimenting with a scroll bar website design for a quick and easy look at some of my favorite photos. You're invited to scroll as fast as you like! My photos communicate quickly.

Cultural authenticity, names, and details are paramount. You can access basic caption info by clicking on individual photos. Feel free to email me with any questions about the photos.